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Thicc Boy Hand Pipe

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That's a Thicc Boy!

Looking for a new hand pipe that will never break? Looking for a super reliable bowl for those trips? Then we have you covered with these thicc boy hand pipes! They are unbreakable and can be thrown at a brick wall and won't break. Paul Taylor glass makes these hand pipes so you will never need a new one! They are made with a fair amount of borosilicate glass which is one of the most durable glass on the market. They feature a side carb, flat bottom design so it doesn't roll away, and is signed and dated on the back of the hand pipe. So throw away those cheap silicone or metal hand pipes you have been smoking out of and upgraded to the last hand pipe you will ever need. 

Fun Facts:

  • Size: 3" Long
  • Made to last forever
  • Unbreakable hand pipe
  • Made with super thick borosilicate glass
  • The bottom is flattened to prevent from rolling away
  • Signed and dated on the back 
  • Made proudly in the USA
  • Made by an Independent artist, not a factory 
  • Includes an Artist Sticker Pack 

Hand Crafted by @PaulTaylorGlass