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Midnight Trippy Tube

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Color Trippy Tube

Looking for a quality tube that can be used for both flower and concentrates? Then you're in luck with our new Trippy Tubes! Each tube is roughly about 9" high giving you the perfect height and airflow for both options. Then it's paired with custom-made showerhead perc for amazing filtration and then with the splash guard, it helps prevent any water splash when ripping this beauty. The base on these pieces is wide as well to give them great stability. The downstem also is hand-made and features a 2 hole diffy perc at the end for extra filtration during each hit. These tubes are also made with 50mm thick borosilicate glass, no mixed blends or cheap materials are used in making these tubes. Each tube is also hand-made in the US by the artist Igloo Glass. 

Fun Facts:

  • Size: 9" Tall & 3.5" Wide
  • 10MM Millie Slide Included
  • Shower Head Perc 
  • 10MM 2-hole diffy downstem 
  • Splash Gaurd 
  • Midnight Color Accents
  • Wide base 
  • 50MM thickness 
  • Made in the US
  • Great Universal Size 

Hand Crafted by @Igloo Glass