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Mac & Cheese Bubble Cap #2

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Mac & Cheese 

Are you a big Mac & Cheese fan? Then you are in luck with the new Mac & Cheese collection by Theohighokid. This bubble cap features a mac & cheese yellow color, with 3 noodles on top. The noodles are melted together but look stuck together by the cheese. These bubble caps also provided great airflow and are perfect for anyone looking for a creative heady bubble cap. Bubble caps are essential for any dabber lover as it helps trap in the heat but also spins your concentrates around in your banger when moved to help for a more even melt. 

Fun Facts:

  • Size: 2.3" Inches Tall
  • Mac & Cheese Themed
  • Includes Stand
  • Heady Glass
  • Made in Ohio
  • Made by an Independent glass artist
  • An essential for any dabber
  • Great airflow
  • Perfect for trapping in heat

Hand Crafted by @Theohighokid