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Clear Trippy Puffco Top

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Clear Trippy Puffo Attachment 

Looking for a new Puffo top? Then check out our amazing Puffco tops! Each top features custom-made showerhead perc for amazing filtration and airflow, then we paired it with a splash guard to prevent any water from hitting your lips when ripping your puffco. These puffco tops work great with both puffco models and will take your puffco to the next level. Each top is handcrafted in the US by artist Igloo Glass. 

When we decided to launch our own branded glass, we didn't want to cheap out like most companies do and go with import glass, so to stay true to only selling high-quality glass made by the independent artist-made glass, so we partnered up with Igloo Glass, who creates some amazing puffco tops and has been making glass art for years to make our pieces. So when purchasing a Trippy Glass piece you are getting a guarantee that it's a non-factory-made piece and is still handcrafted by an independent artist.

Fun Facts:

  • Size: 6" Tall 
  • Shower Head Perc 
  • Fits the Puffco Peak
  • Splash Gaurd 
  • Independent artist made
  • Made in the US
  • Made with high-quality borosilicate glass

Hand Crafted by @Igloo Glass